Massages & Peelings


Vigorous massage techniques ease tension and stiffness before or after sport activities.

50 min. CHF 115.-
80 min. CHF 170.-

A classic massage using specific massage techniques to loosen muscles, stimulate metabolism and promote circulation.

25 min. CHF 60.-
50 min. CHF 115.-
80 min. CHF 170.-

This soothing massage using essential oils is especially relaxing for both body and mind. Your aromatherapy massage uses Soglio oil mixtures tailored specifically to your individual needs.

50 min. CHF 115.-
80 min. CHF 170.-

Specifically loosens tense, stiff muscles and enhances circulation.

50 min. CHF 115.-

Foot reflex zone massage targets specific reflex points on the feet through massage. This special massage technique applied on the soles of the feet works to restore harmonious circulation throughout the body by taking best advantage of the body’s own healing power and energy flows. It is a wonderfully sensitive, appealing form of activation massage.

50 min. CHF 115.-

The purpose of lymph drainage is to activate the body’s lymphatic system. Using gentle, stroking movements while applying light pressure, the lymph nodes and lymph tracts are stimulated and the flow of lymph is enhanced. The heightened lymph flow improves the overall state of the immune system. Lymph drainage is recommendable in the case of allergies, blockages such as oedema, heavy, overtired legs, and after an operation or accident.

25 min. CHF 70.-
50 min. CHF 115.-

Dorn therapy is a safe, manual method for gently correcting the spine and joints. Many people suffer from chronic pain, especially in the back and pelvic area, which sometimes radiates into the legs. Working actively with the therapist, the spine and joints are brought back into the correct position.

60 min. CHF 115.-
90 min. CHF 170.-

Singing bowl massage: in a singing bowl massage, special handmade, therapeutic singing bowls of different sizes and basic frequencies are placed on your fully clothed body and then struck and gently rubbed or held directly over your body without touching it. The sound this produces then echoes over your body and is felt as vibrations. Singing bowl massages have a relaxing and calming effect and are recommended for treating conditions such as stress. They relieve physical and mental tension as well as blockages.

50 min. CHF 120.-

Full body peeling with light massage that works to stimulate metabolism. The warmth produced by rubbing stimulates the flow of lymph and strengthens the connective tissue.

50 min. CHF 110.-

A healing ritual that originated in Hawaii. Blockages and tension are relieved throughout the body and the joints, producing a state of deep relaxation.

80 min. CHF 170.-

A hot stone massage combines revitalising massage with fine oils and the deep penetrating effects of hot massage stones. The warmth has a calming effect and loosens tense muscles.

50 min., CHF 120.-
80 min., CHF 175.-

High-grade, natural rock salt from the Alps stimulates the body’s cleansing, purification and deacidification through the skin. A massage with salt massage stones allows warmth to penetrate deep into the muscles, dissolving energy blockages and strengthening the immune system. A relaxing massage experience.

50 min. CHF 130.-

Help fight cellulite while you enjoy a detoxifying body wrap and stimulating anti-cellulite massage. This 80-minute treatment supports the body in ridding itself of toxins and burning fat.

80 min. CHF 180.-
3er Pack CHF 490.-

The body or face is rubbed with a special oil and then massaged with a thermal stamp filled with skin-benefiting ingredients. The active substances and essential oils work to activate the body’s self-healing powers.

45 min. CHF 85.-
60 min. CHF 120.-


A gentle peeling that clears, smoothes, invigorates and protects the skin through the antibacterial action of propolis and the nourishing action of bee’s honey. Ideal for rough, scaly skin. Contains mineral-rich rock crystal salt.

35 min. CHF 55.-

A natural salt peeling that detoxifies and improves skin tone. Nourishing, vitamin-rich extracts from milk, yeast and St John’s wort combined with pure olive oil stimulate regeneration of the skin. Zeolith with natural silicium hydrates und tones up the connective tissue.

35 min. CHF 55.-

Purifying juniper and the diuretic action of young birch leaves promote the body's own detoxification processes. Orange peel oil has stimulation effect and enhances circulation and fat burning.

35 min. CHF 60.-

An arnica natural salt peeling moisturises and refreshes your skin, with the powerful active ingredients contained in the blossoms of the arnica plant and lemon grass. Cools, regenerates and revitalises after sport activities.

35 min. CHF 55.-

A gentle, enzymatic peeling using the finest mineral powder, urea pura, magnesium and alpine herbs. This full body peeling will leave your skin with a pleasant smell and a soft, smooth-to-touch feeling.

35 min. CHF 60.-