Sauna Aufguss sessions at the OVAVERVA Spa

For many of our guests, the sauna Aufguss (Aufguss, lit: "onpouring") sessions are a highlight of their sauna visit. In the communal sauna area for men and women you can enjoy Aufguss sessions with infusions of fine essential oils poured over the hot sauna stones. Heighten the relaxing effect of your sauna with eucalyptus, lavender, mint or other aromas. Only natural products and aromas are used for all our sauna infusions.
Try an Aufguss session featuring an ice-cold menthol crystal infusion, meditation accompanied by the soothing sounds of a singing bowl, or special sessions incorporating a variety of body treatments. For instance, you can enjoy a salt peeling in the steam room, a honey peeling, an eye mask or body cream in the 90° sauna. Our Aufguss sessions are sure to make your sauna experience extra special.

Our saunas and steam bath

Steam bath
With 100% humidity and 45 °C, the steam bath will give you the feeling of being bathed in a warm, moist mist. The steam contains ethereal oils. Inhalation of the essences and scents during the steam bath is especially beneficial for the upper respiratory tract. The humidity is good for the skin and promotes circulation. We recommend two to three steam bath sessions of 10‒20 minutes each, followed by a cooling down period.

The sauna is a dry, hot air bath with a temperature of 85‒98°C and humidity of 10–15%. It has proven beneficial effects on the vegetative nervous system and sleep patterns – sauna users experience longer phases of REM sleep and fewer half-waking states. It also helps regulate blood pressure. A visit to the sauna exercises your cardiovascular system, revitalises muscles after skiing and enhances your overall sense of well-being.
A session in the sauna typically lasts 8‒15 minutes depending on the sauna user’s physical condition and may be repeated 2‒3 times.

The ambient temperature in the bio-sauna is 50‒60°C, and the humidity is a moderate 50%. This creates a “soft bath” that lowers stress on the cardiovascular system while promoting relaxation and regeneration.

A session lasts between 8 and 20 minutes, depending on your health status and subjective feeling of well-being, and can be repeated 2 to 3 times.