St. Moritz Spa tradition

3'500 year old therapeutic springs

St. Moritz owes its original fame to its therapeutic spas, known for almost 3,500 years. Evidence of this is the oldest therapeutic spa water channel of wood dating from 1466 BC.

Mauritius spring attracted spa guests

Mauritius spring attracted spa guests

The health resort of St. Moritz was already visited for its iron-rich spring waters almost 3,500 years ago. Later, the spa Church of St. Maurice became one of Europe’s most popular places of pilgrimage. In 1519, Pope Leo X even gave total absolution to all who made the pilgrimage to the St. Mauritius Church. Renowned practitioners of homeopathic medicine, such as the Swiss medic and alchemist Paracelsus and Italian Malacrida praised the wonderful therapeutic properties of the St. Moritz springs. Eventually, in the 19th and early 20th centuries, entire households of princes and kings travelled to the Engadine to take the waters.

The springs in St. Moritz are the highest-altitude therapeutic springs in Switzerland. After seeping through the Alpine moor and in combination with the intensely stimulating Alpine climate of the Upper Engadine, the carbonated mineral spring waters have provided the natural treatment agent at the resort for thousands of years.